Welcome to Our Bulk Messaging Solution Platform

Welcome to our new Bulk Messaging Solution Platform! We are thrilled to introduce our Bulk Messaging Service, designed to make customer engagement a breeze. Our new portal boasts a range of features that will help you communicate more effectively with your clients and ultimately drive revenue. One of the key upgrades to our service is the newly designed user-friendly interface. We’ve streamlined the platform to provide a seamless user experience,...

mNotify Partners with Ghana Startup Network

In line with our mission to help Ghanaian businesses grow and expand their reach, We are excited to announce a partnership between mNotify and Ghana Startup Network!  Ghana Startup Network is the premium association and mouthpiece of startup entrepreneurs in Ghana, with a mission to build globally competitive startups, increasing their chances of survival and enhancing their growth, via engaging seasoned entrepreneurs for knowledge sharing, government, regulators, financial services providers,...

mNotify celebrates 10 years of impact on Ghanaian businesses

It has been 10 years of bridging the communication gap between organizations, businesses and their customers. We launched our 10th-anniversary celebrations in Accra under the theme, ‘Customer Engagement and its impact on modern businesses. The anniversary highlighted the impact of technology, effective communications between businesses and their customers, and the use of smart messaging tools such as chatbots. Speaking at the launch of this milestone celebration, our CEO, Mr Ronald...

5 SMS marketing mistakes that are hurting your business.

SMS marketing is an effective marketing channel for businesses. Research shows that text messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone calls, emails, or social media messages. Although SMS marketing offers countless advantages, your business’s approach to SMS marketing must be careful. You don’t want to irritate your customers with unwanted texts or messages that arrive at the wrong time. The mNotify platform is designed for easy SMS promotional...

Top five Netflix movies for business owners

  Like everyone else, business owners occasionally need a night off. What better way to unwind than to spend the evening binge-watching Netflix? But if you watch the perfect content, even a night spent being a couch potato might spark inspiration.  The Founder  There is a little bit of controversy around who the real founder of McDonald’s is. This movie offers insight into that. The Founder tells the true tale...

How Voice Messages can help you grow your business.

In today’s multimedia business world, social media and emails are among the best ways to reach out to your customers, but what do you do when your customers do not have access to the internet or cannot read or write? What about busy customers that do not have enough time to read and do not use social media? The solution is Voice SMS.  I bet you are wondering what exactly...

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