Chatbot Development

We enable business organizations to build robust, industry-specific Chatbot applications on Whatsapp and automate your business queries using chatbot technology in Ghana and start generating leads on autopilot.

Build a whatsapp chatbot with mNotify

What is a Chatbot

A chatbot is a computer program that simulates human interaction through Artificial Intelligence. Chatbot development involves creates chatbots that interpret anything you say or type and accordingly respond by answering or executing the command.

Chatbot Development

Our team is well versed to build Whatsapp chat Bot that eventually creates the boulevard for millions of users available online. With our Whatsapp bot framework, you can deliver automated customer support, interactive experience, and eCommerce guidance.

Benefits of using chat bot development

Features of a Chatbot

Lead Generation

According to Nielsen, texting occupies 14.1% of consumers’ mobile time. Email is just 5.3%. If you want to reach leads, message them where they’re already spending time.


Get notified of new customers and engage them before they leave, Solve customers pain points in realtime.

Inclusive Portal

Manage all your social chats conversations in one easy to use portal.


Provide instant support to your customers which improves usability and customer satisfaction.


Discover how your consumers view your business and service. Which in turn helps you improve your Services.

Database building

Build a mobile database that you will need for marketing strategy which in turn delivers value to customers and achieves your business objectives.

Send feature-rich communications