WhatsApp API Documentation

Chatbots Ghana’s WhatsApp API is the easiest and quickest way to introduce WhatsApp to your technology stack and add Whatsapp Chatbots to your business Operations.The API well-bundled with some advanced features for you lets you do a variety of things

Seamless communication with mNotify API Integration

What to Expect From Us

It works best if:

  • You are a developer or have hired a developer
  • You are looking for custom integration of WhatsApp with your tech stack or build a chatbot
  • You are looking to dramatically scale up and automate your customer support and communications with our automate WhatsApp       business support
  • Implementing API for your business or online platform brings you multiple benefits such as:

  • Designed and created by Ghanaian experts with hands-on knowledge of the Ghanaian online terrain
  • Increased user engagement due to an easy and straightforward interface
  • 24/7 customer service
  • WhatsApp Business API Approval Process and Related Questions

  • Verified Facebook Business Manager ID
  • Don’t have a Facebook Business Manager?
  • Facebook Business Manager not verified?
  • Mobile Number
  • Mobile number must not have an active WhatsApp account.
  • Display Name
  • Display Name must have a clear relation with the business.
  • Display Name must adhere to WhatsApp Display Name Guidelines.