VoIP Services

The all-inclusive virtual phone system for modern businesses.

mNotify's VoIP systems empowers you to do business remotely or from the road. The Nextiva App enables complete and secure mobility for your business.

Equip your customer support teams with the right tools to delight your clients with every interaction. No hardware or downloads, just Plug-n-Play into our cloud call centre solution.

mNotify creates the right call center for your business. From establishing your call center from scratch to providing a voice solution that helps you answer calls, order processing, appointment bookings and many more.
Learn about your business with data insights


Request and receive insights on call duration and peak times to help improve your global call center.

Record and archive

Store your call recordings in a single, accessible location. Automatically record incoming and outgoing calls.

Inbound Voice Recording

Automatically record and store inbound voice calls. All recordings are easily categorized and retrieved.

Answering Machine Detection

Voice instantly identifies answering machines, saving you valuable calling time. Either hang up or leave a message as a default.


Avoid calling defunct phone numbers. Lookup and HLR scour your contact list of numbers no longer in use.


Set up the call configuraton that suits your needs.

Decentralized Call Centers

Build decentralized call centers that can reach any global number. Our global infrastructure allows you to build a cloud-based call center in no time.

Caller ID

Let customers interact with a local number. Adopt a Number and give your caller ID the right dial code.

Masked Numbers

Safeguard privacy with our masked numbers, keeping customer and employerr details anonymous.

Custom Hold Music

Make the wait of inbound callers more pleasant by uploading your choice of an audio file.

Transfer Call

Direct customers to the appropriate extension quickly and easily through our Voice platform.

Interactive Voice Response

Streamline the customer experience of your call center by adding IVR to the flow for inbound calls.

Cloud Telephony

Start building your call center immediately without investing in conventional business telephone equipment.