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We are 360 customer engagement company that with a core focus on communications essentially improving engagement between institutions/online businesses and their audience/customers.

Our products include Bulk Messaging Solutions Platform, Chatbots Africa and Phone Anchor. 

Our Bulk Messaging Solutions (BMS) Platform helps brands communicate effectively with their customers using Bulk SMS and Voice SMS. Send messages to thousands of customers within minutes using our BMS platform.

Our Chatbots are designed to help you grow your brand by automating conversation in Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp.

We are devoted to help institutions/companies in the public and private sector improve customer relations and communication with their employees and suppliers.

From our headquarters in Accra, we combine with DevOps to bring the best of technology to communication all across the World.

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+233 54 150 9394
+233 30 244 5418

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