Like everyone else, business owners occasionally need a night off. What better way to unwind than to spend the evening binge-watching Netflix? But if you watch the perfect content, even a night spent being a couch potato might spark inspiration. 

  1. The Founder 

There is a little bit of controversy around who the real founder of McDonald’s is. This movie offers insight into that. The Founder tells the true tale of Ray Kroc, an Illinois salesman who was struggling to make ends meet, and Mac and Dick McDonald, who were running a burger joint in Southern California in the 1950s. Kroc was pleased by the brothers’ efficient method of producing the food and recognized a franchising opportunity. 

Eventually, Kroc manoeuvres himself into a position where he can seize control of the business from the brothers and build a multibillion-dollar empire.

         2. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.

This Netflix original is based on the true story of a young boy who built water and electricity-generating windmill to save his town from starvation. Has the adage “Necessity is the mother of invention” ever crossed your mind? That is exactly what this film shows.

Success requires more than just hard work and desire; it also requires a productive team to help you build a business. even when there are few resources and an unfavourable environment. Along the way, people might not have faith in you, but your determination will carry you ahead. Believe in yourself.


            3. The Minimalists – Less is Now.

After watching this educational film, you may reflect on your own life. You start questioning if your priorities are in the correct place and changing how you view your accomplishments.

The process of decluttering and taking the weight off your shoulders is one important concept that the movie emphasizes. It also demonstrates how to set reasonable objectives. The Minimalists show that not everything needs to be done at once. Instead, give one thing your full attention until it is operational before moving on to the next. It defines what it takes to lead a successful business while leading a “minimalist lifestyle.” There are many great lessons in this documentary that we can use in our daily lives.


         4. JOBS

This is a biographical film about Steve Jobs, who refused to pursue the conventional paths to success. The movie demonstrates Steve’s inability to work well with others.

What Steve Jobs lacked in skills, he made up for in vision. He wasn’t a computer coder, a marketer, or an engineer, yet Apple would not exist without him. He didn’t care about being liked, and he didn’t let himself get bogged down by outmoded paradigms. He had a vision of affordable computing for all, and he let nothing stand in the way of accomplishing that goal. Lesson from Steve Job; Never Back Down.


       5. Moneyball

Regardless of whether you’re a baseball fan or not, Moneyball is a must-see for all entrepreneurs. For both organizations and entrepreneurs, developing our analytical skills, and learning to adapt to and comprehend continuously changing situations is crucial.

Moneyball serves as an example of how having faith in your team and being willing to take chances on their ability can lead to long-term success. The best gift you can give your staff is to mentor them and encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone. Invest in the potential of your teams. Great businesses are built by great teams. 

Each of these films tackles different aspects of the entrepreneurship journey.  Taking a look at how people have dealt with certain situations and the processes that worked for them might unlock the creativity within you. It’s important to disconnect from time to time because inspiration takes time as well as patience and might appear when you least expect it.