In line with our mission to help Ghanaian businesses grow and expand their reach, We are excited to announce a partnership between mNotify and Ghana Startup Network! 

Ghana Startup Network is the premium association and mouthpiece of startup entrepreneurs in Ghana, with a mission to build globally competitive startups, increasing their chances of survival and enhancing their growth, via engaging seasoned entrepreneurs for knowledge sharing, government, regulators, financial services providers, and advisory services providers, among others to create the nursery environment for startup businesses to take off and/or grow into well-established businesses. 

Powered by Ghana Startup Week, The Ghana Startups and SMEs Week provides a wide spectrum of secure investment opportunities and cutting-edge business-savvy insights into the growth potentials in different sectors of Ghana’s economy and also brings the attention of investors from both local and foreign to connect with young entrepreneurs in the country. 

The Ghana Startups and SMEs Week consist of a series of forums and Conferences, B2B Sessions, Trade Fairs, and Awards Night, among others. The activities are customized for the various categories of young people, – Students, women, youth, disabled, misplaced / refugees, among others. Take a look at the Schedule of Ghana Startups and SMEs Week 2022; 

To kickstart the GSW2022, nominations for the 2022 Young Entrepreneur Awards are opened.

Visit to nominate yourself to any deserving young entrepreneur you know.