This is the latest release notes for the Web Application. It is our top selling product, and we want to keep customer loyalty at all time high, so making these changes is essential in creating more engagement around the product


We needed to make the changes below in order to keep the product usability stable and deliver outstanding customer satisfaction to our base. The changes were suggested through our customer satisfaction feedback, complaints , and product flaws identified internally.



Omnichannel customer experience :

A variety of channels(SMS, Voice, USSD, Chatbots) that seamlessly connect, allowing or customers to switch from one channel to another, allowing customers to pickup where they left off on one channel, and continue the experience on another

Introducing the wallet feature:

Wallets will allow users to bundle their sms and voice balances. Users will have to load their wallets first before they bundle. International SMSes will be directly deducted from the wallet, based on the rate per SMS of that particular country. This is to ensure fairness

Compulsory to add Headers with Excel Messaging and Group Imports:

Some customers , especially new ones, who are already oriented with the way the MS excel works, with the first column handling titles, do get confused when they do not see anything of that sort on the system. Hence provisions have been made to accommodate such needs. Users should now upload excel files with titles/headers.

Flexibility with Excel Messaging:

Initially, the phone number column on excel files had to be on the first column before system accepts it. Now users can decide where the phone numbers should be on their excel sheet, and indicate that when they are sending excel messaging. Please note that all users have to provide headers or titles, to enable them use the excel messaging efficiently

Voice Call Verification:

SMS sometimes do take long during verification, and can cause users not to activate account. Therefore we introduce an alternative which is the voice which enables users to get the code via a phone call, when SMS delays. Users are required to select that option before it can work

User Segmentation:

New system is now able to identify accounts as individual and corporate. Corporate accounts will require a submission of a document to certify that account is for a business/professional use. Corporate accounts include schools, churches, companies, retail shops etc. Any account that doesn’t identify as the above examples is classified as individual accounts.

Reseller Request Form:

Reseller requests on the new system is more structured and streamlined. Users who would want to be resellers will have to make the requests through the application, with all the specified details provided. Information provided will be used in creating reseller system

Feature Requests:

We value customer feedback a lot, so we introduce the feature request form where customers can freely requests for any feature they will like to see on the system



General UI and UX improvements:

User interface has been greatly improved. Menu items are now vertically alligned. Interface is now aesthetically appealing. Users will have the flexibility of navigating through pages without confusion. Steps taken to perform simple tasks have been shortened to improve user experience

SMS and Voice Reporting:

SMS and Voice Call Delivery Reports Displayed in a better way. Users now have the option to download reports per campaign

Message Delivery:

Message delivery greatly improved. Get campaign details immediately messages are sent. Quality of delivery improved

Sender ID Approval:

Time takes for sender IDs to be approved drastically reduced. Corporate accounts have their sender IDs automatically approved.



  • Negative account balance
  • TopUp Issues