Yay! mNotify officially launches its Mobile Messaging App and you can access it on Google Play Store.

It’s pretty common these days to have one or two mobile messaging apps on your smartphone. After all, it’s the easiest way to communicate with your contacts. Most people will almost always have their cellphone on them. This is why mNotify has introduced the Mobile Messaging App “mNotify SMS Messenger”, knowing the level of convenience it provides.

mNotify SMS Messenger App helps save time and can be easily accessed. The app ensures that you can constantly interact with a selected target audience, even when you are on the go. You are sure to improve the relationship with your customers and bridge all communication gaps.

All you need to know:

The mobile messaging app consists of the Quick SMS and Group SMS features, which means that you can send individual or group messages. You are able to view your SMS balance and bonus in your account dashboard. It also has the sender ID feature, which you are allowed to edit. This system allows you to select contacts already saved in your account to send out messages. Messages get across to your target audience, short and sweet!.

In a situation where you cannot access the system(desktop version) due to some reasons, mNotify SMS Messenger will be a perfect alternative to send out your messages without any stress. An SMS can reach a customer wherever they are and you can be confident that they will receive it.
All you need to do is to, Go to Google Play Store and download the mNotify SMS Messenger App or visit https://goo.gl/7UaapW.